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Rules are in place to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone.


General Information

Cryptic Cloud MC strives for transparency and fairness. If you are unsure of administrative action that was taken against you or need clarification on any rule, please make a ticket on our Discord server. 

Staff may choose to enforce the punishments and bans outlined below, or they may elect to send you to the Jail world. Time in the Jail world will be the same as the ban times below.  Those sentenced to the Jail world may have a Quest assigned to them.  Upon completion of the Quest, those in jail may seek early pardon from the designated Staff warden.

All rules are subject to change at any time. Players will be notified of any major changes on the CCMC Discord server.






Severity 1

2 hour mute

7 day ban

1 day ban

- Non-English in main chat

- Discussion of          tickets/Punishments

- spam

- General rudeness

- Chat trolling

- Light advertisement

- Chat filter bypass (Sev. 1)

- Inappropriate behavior

- Social media links

- Inciting riots

- Gameplay trolling

- Inappropriate gameplay

- Map exploiting

- Use of alts

- Targeting YT/streamers

- Unapproved mods

Severity 2

24 hour mute

30 day ban

7 day ban

- Chat filter bypass (Sev. 2)

- Bug exploiting

- Lag machines

- General hacking incl. X-Ray

- Anti KB

- Movement hacking

Severity 3

24 hour ban

permanent ban

30 Day ban

- Abusive behavior

- General harassment

- Inappropriate username

- Inappropriate skin/cape

- Compromised account

- Movement hacking (witnessed by a staff member)

Severity 4

- Death wishes

- Malicious threats

- Discrimination/racism
- Trashing CCMC

7 day Ban

Severity 5

Permanent Ban

- Revealing personal information

- Publishing or linking unsafe sites

- Sexual harassment

- Repeat offenders


These rules apply to all game modes on the CCMC Minecraft Server.

1.1 No modifications that provide advantage over a vanilla client.

  • If you are unsure whether a certain mod is allowed, please ask on our discord.

  • There are exceptions to this rule; these mods are permitted:

    • Optifine (and shaders)​

    • Badlion Client

    • Lunar Client

    • Litematica

    • Crosshair mods

    • Any minor aesthetic modifications, including texture packs

1.2 No Abusing Bugs.

  • Do not abuse any known bugs, especially those that give players an advantage.

  • Any bugs must be reported in a ticket.

1.3 No Nether Portal Trapping.

  • Do not block portals in a way that a player who enters the portal will be unable to access commands or leave the portal.

1.6 No Lag Machines.

  • Building any form of lag machine that aims to lag either the client or the server is prohibited (with exceptions, such as grinders and mob farms.)

  • Redstone use is allowed.


2.1 English only in global chat.

2.2 No spamming or excessive advertising.

2.3 No cursing or bypassing the chat filter.

2.4 No harmful, abusive, or inappropriate expressions in chat, skins, signs, or on buildings.

2.5 No references to controversial topics, such as politics, racially charge subjects, or other potentially offensive subjects.

2.6 No sharing others' personal information.

2.7 No misleading other players to use harmful commands, such as /suicide.

2.8 Do not argue with staff publicly. 


3.1 No advertising other servers or products.

3.2 Do not attempt to intentionally lag the server or produce client-side or server-side lag.

3.3 Do not ping staff members on Discord or mass ping any roles, unless permitted by staff.

3.4 Most importantly, be respectful and treat others as you would like to be treated.